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Mental Health & Wellbeing Training Solutions have been delivering specialised training to the Aged Care Sector relating to mental health conditions and the Older Person since 2017 and have a selection of existing training sessions available which can be delivered as online webinars, or face to face training workshops.

Mental Health concerns in the elderly often go unnoticed and unrecognised, and many older people  do not receive the treatment and support which is needed to improve quality of life.


These specialised training sessions about mental health problems in older people are helpful for workers in the Aged Care Sector in creating awareness and understanding into the mental health conditions that are most prevalent in the older person, and provide helpful information on how to recognise and support an older person who may be experiencing some form of mental health distress.

At Mental Health & Wellbeing Training Solutions we value the expertise and knowledge of the lived experience and have age-appropriate Lived Experience Educators who can share their experiences, and who play a pivotal part of our training sessions by providing insight and understanding into what it actually feels like for an older person to experience these conditions.

Online Training

Online training is limited to 1-hour and 1.5-hour training sessions and is a viable option for regional and interstate organisations, or for those organisations who have staff placed at  numerous locations or offices. Online training provides the advantage of minimal disruption and absences to the workplace and allows for greater flexibility with the number of attendees. Certificates of attendance can be provided on request. We have trained people working in the Aged Care Sector  Australia wide including New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, ACT, Queensland and Western Australia. Contact us now for session content details

(Please note training is classified as 'non-clinical')

Online Sessions currently available

  • Understanding Depression in Older People – 1-hour session

  • Communicating and Supporting an Older Person with Depression – 1.5-hour session

  • Understanding Anxiety & the Older Person – 1-hour session

  • Communicating & Supporting an Older Person with Anxiety – 1.5-hour session

  • The Older Person & Grief, Loss, Fear & Social Isolation – 1.5-hour session

  • Understanding Challenging Behaviours & the Older Person – 1.5-hour session

  • Hoarding, Collecting & Clutter & the Older Person – 1.5-hour session (available for bookings from 29th July, 2021)

  • Understanding Psychotic Disorders in Older People – 1-hour session

  • Schizophrenia & Bipolar Disorder & the Older Person – 1-hour session

  • The Lived Experience of Bipolar Disorder in the Older Person and Q&A– 1.5-hour session

  • Communicating & Supporting an Older Person with a Psychotic Disorder – 1-hour session

  • Gambling Concerns & the Older Person – 1-hour session (available for bookings from 2nd September, 2021)

  • Understanding Substance Misuse in the Older Person – 1-hour session (available for bookings from 19th August, 2021)

    What our trainees say.....

    'Thanks for such an interesting session! I thought your session gave some really practical and useful information for use in my working role supporting older people in the community'

    'Interesting, engaging & relevant - keep up the great work!'

    'I would recommend this training for anyone working in Aged Care'

    'I found the presentation extremely helpful in better understanding what my clients may be experiencing that I hadn't even thought of - thanks for such a great session!'

    Fantastic session! Peter's story really helped in me understanding what an older person may be going through and what things can help them - really looking forward to the next session!'


Face-to-Face Training Workshops

  • ‘An Overview of Mental Health Problems in the Aged’ – 3.5-hour workshop

  • ‘Understanding Psychosis & Psychotic Disorders in the Older Person’ – 3-hour workshop

  • ‘The Older Person & Grief & Loss’ – 2-hour workshop

  • ‘Understanding and responding to Depression in the Older Person’ – 2-hour workshop

  • ‘Understanding & Responding to Anxiety in the Older Person’ – 2-hour workshop

Multiple topics may be combined to facilitate full day training options if required and specialised training tailored for individual organisations is available. ‘Certificates of Attendance’ are provided for all face-to-face training modules. 


12-hour ‘Older Person Mental Health First Aid’ Course

The Older Person Mental Health First Aid training course is a 12-hour course designed for people who are working with, living with, caring for or supporting an older person aged 65 years plus, or 50 years for a person who is of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent.

Trainees will learn how to assist an older person who is developing a mental health problem, has a worsening of an existing mental health problem, or who is experiencing a mental health crisis.

All participants who complete the 12-hour training will receive either a Certificate of Completion or a Certificate of Accreditation.

Robyn Miller, Lead Training Facilitator at Mental Health & Wellbeing Training Solutions is an accredited ‘Master Instructor’ with Mental Health First Aid Australia.

For additional information on the content of this course please contact us, or go to www.mhfa.com.au

Older Person Mental Health Training for the Aged Care Sector