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MHW Training Solutions provide a range of presentations suitable for conferences or corporate events delivered by our team of lived experience educators. With a focus on the lived experience, recovery, well-being and self-esteem, these sessions are an ideal way to kick-start your event with inspiration and motivation. 

If you are looking for specialized material, we are able to develop a unique presentation for you that represents your organisation's strategy and values.

Speaking from the heart; our educators share their experiences of mental illness and stories of recovery. Their inspiring messages of hope provide the audience with valuable insight and understanding into the impact of mental illness and how this affects relationships, work, and day-to-day functioning.

Sessions range from 30 minutes to one hour and with a variety of experiences to choose from including; psychosis, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, substance use disorders and non-suicidal self-injury.


We also have experienced carers who share their experiences of caring for a loved one with mental illness and helpful insights into recovery, treatments and supports that were beneficial.

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