Supporting Vulnerability …

Responding with kindness and compassion …

Our team of highly skilled and qualified mobile Counsellors specialise in all areas of Mental Health, Mental Illness, and Wellbeing Counselling Solutions.

Our Team bring their expertise to you and are available to provide short term Counselling Support when you need it, or longer-term contract packages are available at competitive prices, making Counselling Connect Solutions both affordable and sustainable for ongoing Counselling support.

Innovative and unique, Counselling Connect Solutions offer mobile, outreach counselling services that are ideal for Retirement Villages, Nursing Homes, Supported Residential Care facilities, Private Hospitals, Sporting Clubs, Educational Institutions, Community Groups, Corporate entities, Business and workplaces.

With over 27 years of collective experience in the mental health sector, our Counselling Team provide exceptional care and  support through evidence based therapeutic counselling services which have been founded on authenticity, genuine kindness, care and compassion.

Our Counselling Team also provide a range of specialised Therapeutic Services including group programs designed to improve mental wellness and enhance wellbeing.  The Therapeutic Services programs have been developed utilising the principles of ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) as the foundation for improving wellbeing and quality of life.

For further details on our Counselling Connect Solutions or Therapeutic Services please email