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We stand out from the rest...

Life experience is often the best teacher when trying to form the basis of any understanding, and this is particularly relevant when relating to mental illness or mental health problems.

At MHW Training Solutions we have a team of exceptional ’Lived Experience Educators’ who share their own experiences of mental illness and helpful strategies for recovery.

Training recipients have the unique opportunity to gain true understanding and insight about the reality of living with mental illness, and the impact this has on a person’s life.

Our team of Lived Experience Educators are able to share their experiences with the following mental health issues:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Bipolar Disorder

  • Eating Disorders

  • Non-Suicidal Self Injury

  • Psychosis

  • Dual Diagnosis or Co-morbidity (Substance Use & Mental Illness)


The Value of Lived Experience? Priceless.

In addition, we have a team of experienced carers who can share their experiences of caring for a loved one with mental illness including helpful strategies on how to provide hope and support for a loved one during recovery.

Our ‘Lived Experience Educators’ are without a doubt the ‘added value’ component to our training and education sessions, and are what makes Mental Health & Wellbeing Training Solutions truly unique. We believe the value of the lived experience perspective is priceless, and so do our training recipients.

'I had no idea about the impact mental illness can have on a person's life and hearing about that today has changed my perception about mental illness and who can be affected by it. This training has given me a whole new perspective about mental illness that I hadn't even considered before - thank you!'

'I really enjoyed hearing about what it is like for people with bipolar disorder, I didn't really understand what it was and know a couple of people with this so I feel more confident to talk to them about it now.'

'I didn't really understand that mental illness can affect someone so much, thank you for today's training I feel I have a much better understanding'

'Everyone would benefit from this training particularly listening to someone's personal experiences with mental illness, I discovered today I didn't have great knowledge about this topic and it was not only interesting but has changed the way I think, and how I perceive mental illness.