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'Working Your Way to Wellbeing' is a 6-week interactive therapeutic groups programme based on the principles of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and has been specifically designed to enhance your employees wellbeing  at home and in the workplace. 

Wellbeing in the workplace improves productivity, prevents absenteeism and presenteeism, and generates a culture where employees thrive and feel valued and connected. Wellbeing at home enhances the quality of our relationships, builds resilience and coping capacity, and increases our sense of fulfillment and wellbeing with life.

The 'Working your Way to Wellbeing' therapeutic group program features a 2-hour session each week during the 6-week program. Pre group questionnaire's ensure that the content responds to any specific workplace challenges. Certificates are provided at the conclusion of the programme in addition to a post programme evaluation report.

A maximum number of 14 participants per course applies to this program. This course may be delivered out of general work hours if required.

‘Working Your Way to Wellbeing’
6 Week Course Outline

Session 1: What is Wellbeing’ & ‘Wellbeing in the Workplace’

▪ Welcome & Introductions
▪ Unpacking ‘Wellbeing’
▪ Identifying the Positive & Negative influences
▪ Bringing Wellbeing to the Workplace

Session 2: Connecting to Values

▪ The importance of ‘Values’ in discovering ‘Who We Are’
▪ Identifying Personal Values, Team Values & Values in the Workplace
▪ Putting our Values to work & connecting the team

Session 3: Thinking about ‘ANTS’ & Worried about ‘RANTS’

▪ Negative thoughts, identifying thinking patterns, & how to ‘Untwist Your Thinking’
▪ It’s all about me & my ‘Self’ – ‘Self-talk’, ‘Self-Compassion’ & ‘Self-Care’
▪ Emotions – ‘Let it be or Let it go’
▪ Worry & Rumination….let me think about this

Session 4: Being Mindful about Anxiety

▪ Taking the fear out of Anxiety - understanding the Physiology & Behaviours
▪ Alleviating Anxiety at home and at Work
▪ Everyday Mindfulness to support Workplace Wellbeing

Session 5: Looking after Yourself, your ‘Work Family’ & Your Clients

▪ Supporting Clients & the importance of Boundaries
▪ Effective Communication & responding to ‘Grief & Loss’
▪ ‘Empathy Vs Sympathy’
▪ On the Job Self-Care – Taking care of you & supporting the TEAM

Session 6: Bringing it all Together

▪ Enhancing our Wellbeing & Putting it into practise = Life Changing outcomes
▪ The quest for ‘Happiness” & ‘Panning for Gold’
▪ Making it work at work – Being connected and finding the ‘Togetherness' in TEAM
Presentation of Certificates & Post-Group Evaluation

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'Working Your Way to Wellbeing' therapeutic group program