Workplace & Community

Mental Health Training for Workplaces, Community groups, Volunteer & Charity Organisations, Government and Non-Government Agencies

Aged Care Sector Training

Specialised 'Mental Health & the Older Person' training for the Aged Care Sector

Workplace Wellbeing

 Our 6 week therapeutic group programme 'Working your Way to Wellbeing' improves staff wellbeing at home and in the workplace.

Mental Health First Aid Training

15+ Years of Training Experience

Our certified instructors tailor your training and development to suit your individual or business needs.

5,027 Individuals Trained

We have trained over 5,000 individuals, including businesses and community groups about mental health-related topics.

16+ Years Experience in Mental Health

We don't just know mental health - we've experienced it! Our unique team has the value and insight of the lived experience.

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