Identifying Potential …

Fostering growth …

The principle foundation of a successful and thriving organisation or business begins with creating a positive workplace culture, and an environment that supports employees to reach their full potential. At Mental Health & Wellbeing Training Solutions, we work with you to identify and create wellbeing solutions for your team that foster growth and resilience and provide the basis for increased productivity and positive outcomes.

Tailored Training Packages

At Mental Health & Wellbeing Training Solutions, we recognise that not all workplaces are the same and training requirements vary depending on the type of business, and employee’s knowledge and skills base. Together we will identify your training needs and objectives to develop targeted, relevant training that provides you with real value for your training dollar by achieving tangible results.


Wellbeing in the Workplace

Our suite of one-hour ‘Work in Progress’ training sessions are ideal for larger organisations or companies who have the reduced capacity to provide lengthy training sessions for their staff. These interactive, engaging sessions have been developed to encourage team building and staff rapport, improve wellbeing, confidence and a positive sense of self.

We understand the challenges associated with providing staff training during business hours, and the cost to business resulting from staff downtime and reduced productivity.  Our flexible ‘out of business hours’ solutions provide you with tailored options for breakfast, lunch, after work, evening or weekend delivery.

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